We Help Drive Your Preaching Forward

Preaching is incarnational: it’s one of the primary ways that Word becomes flesh again. To faithfully incarnate a sermon, the Church needs resources dedicated to empowering, encouraging, and equipping preachers for a lifelong call to healthy, fit, and effective ministry. That’s what wesleyansermons.com is all about. Since we’re part of the Wesleyan Church, our mission flows parallel to the Wesleyan vision: to transform lives, churches, and communities with the hope and holiness of Jesus Christ. But while we feature Wesleyan preachers, this resource is valuable beyond the boundaries of The Wesleyan Church. No matter what denomination you belong to, wesleyansermons.com helps drive your preaching forward. We do so through three primary ways:

  1. Content: We write content! On wesleyansermons.com, you’ll find tons of articles about how you can improve your preaching and your ministry. You’ll find sermon reviews featuring a diverse crowd of great Wesleyan preachers: including various ages, styles, genders, and locations.
  1. Collaboration: We help you network with others! This site will continue to develop into an index of sermon topics, passages, and ideas for sermons—and you get to help create this community. We’re going to keep opening up new opportunities for you to work together.
  1. Conferences: We help you get together! We want to connect you with others at some of the best preaching conferences in your area. This means we’ll launch some conferences of our own, and feature great preaching conferences around North America.

As God continues to use you, we hope this sermon can be a helpful amalgamation of resources, relationships, and rallies that drive your preaching forward.

For the Good of the Kingdom,

The wesleyansermons.com Team