Sermon Planning Retreats

SErmon Retreat HammockA couple of years ago Lenny Luchetti wrote an article for Wesleyan sermons on creating your own sermon planning retreat. One of our readers, Kevin Baker took Lenny up on the challenge and is glad he did. Below is the first portion of his blog post followed by a link where you can read the rest.

My First Sermon Planning Retreat … And why I have already planned my next one.

As I have already mentioned here, I have recently returned from my first sermon planning retreat and wanted to share some of my insights and learnings. First let me share with you some of the logistics and then outline how I structured my time. I should also add that my spouse traveled with me, using our time away for her own work, writing, and 2014 planning. Though she may not always be able to go with me in the future, I found that her company during our shared times of prayer, breaks, and meals was a welcome break and made the experience even more enjoyable!

Read more about Kevin Baker’s first sermon planning retreat.

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