Be It Resolved…

At the start of a new year many people commit to certain resolutions that will help them develop into a “better person.” The preacher who wants to improve must also resolve to grow.

As you begin in a new year of life and ministry what will you do to grow as a preacher? What books will you read? What conferences will you attend? What spiritual disciplines will you adopt? How will you solicit feedback to determine the strengths and weaknesses in your preaching? When will you take a retreat to prayerfully tackle your annual preaching plan? Will you seek out mentoring from a preaching coach? How often will you view and analyze your sermons and the sermons of other preachers

Reply to this post with at least one resolution for the new year that will help you grow as a preacher.

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4 thoughts on “Be It Resolved…

    • Tom, this can be an extremely valuable tool for pastors. Unfortunately, many pastors allow insecurity and ego to keep us from involving the very people to whom we preach into the process of developing and evaluating the preaching in our local churches. Kudos to you my friend!