The Sermon Guide

Most preachers I know would love to have a comprehensive guide for evaluating their sermons. Of course, many of them have an intuitive sense of whether or not the sermon was a “solid homerun” after they preach. There is, it seems, a better way. What if the preacher had a list of questions that would not only elicit evaluative feedback after the sermon was birthed but would also guide the development of the sermon during pregnancy? While the tool below will guide you and your listeners in the insightful evaluation of preached sermons, it can also assist you in actually developing sermons. The tool may be a bit complex for some lay people, so feel free to adjust the form as needed. Perhaps you can have some lay people evaluate the content, others the connection, and still others the character. You may also want to use this tool in evaluating your own sermons. As hard as it is for some of us to listen to our recorded voice, evaluating our sermons is indispensible to our growth as preachers. These questions will hopefully prevent the preacher from overlooking the importance of theology and exegesis, as well as rhetorical design and delivery. I pray this tool serves you well as you preach the Gospel.

Content (Logos- What did the sermon say about God and the Gospel?)

• Theology: What did the sermon say about God- Father, Son, or Holy Spirit?

• Gospel: Describe whether or not the sermon captured the essence of the Gospel by dealing with both the problem of human sin and the grace of the divine Son?

• Expository: Could you see clearly how the sermon flowed from the biblical text? Explain.

• Structure: Explain whether or not the structure of the sermon had focus and flow.

• Clarity: In one complete sentence, write the focus of the sermon:

• On a scale of 1(low) to 10 (high) rate the logos of the sermon:

Connection (Pathos- How well did the sermon connect with the context?)

• Images: Did any illustrations, stories, or metaphors from the sermon connect with you at a significant emotional level? If so, which ones and how did they appeal to your emotions?

• Relevance: Did the sermon connect with the situations of your life in a relevant manner? If so, how?

• Application: Did you come away from the sermon with a clear sense of why and how to live into the Gospel reality it proclaimed? Explain.

• Passion: Do you think the preacher spoke with passionate conviction? If so, why?

• On a scale of 1(low) to 10 (high) rate the pathos of the sermon:

Character (Ethos- Was the preacher congruent with the Gospel? )

• Competence: Do you think the preacher was spiritually and mentally prepared for the preaching event? Why or why not?

• Authenticity: Did the preacher communicate in a manner that was genuinely congruent with her/his personality? Explain.

• Delivery: Did the preacher’s eyes, body, and voice help or hinder your receptivity to the sermon? Explain.

• Love: How did the preacher, through the sermon, evidence love for God and for people?

• On a scale of 1(low) to 10 (high) rate the ethos of the sermon:

Words to the Preacher: