Wesleyan Jargon Translation

blah-blahHoliness Theology like any other type of theology is filled with jargon. There are insider words that you have to take a course, read a book, write a paper, and then read the corrections on that paper to fully understand. There are words that no one uses any where else besides Wesleyan insider conversations (consecration, sanctification), words that mean something different anywhere else (perfect, perfection, blameless), and words that we should simply stop using altogether (e.g. uttermost).

So here’s the discussion I would love for us to do one of two things in the comments section below. You choose which one you would like to do:

1. Translate a Wesleyan holiness jargon term with another term or short phrase that makes sense to the average high school graduate.

2. List a word that you hear Wesleyan preachers use, that we should really just stop using completely.

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