Request for Holiness Sermons

This is the week we solicit your nominations for holiness sermons. Here’s what we hope to receive:

  1. A link to the sermon that includes at least the audio, hopefully video. Manuscripts not required, but outlines are great. The link is the only non-negotiable.
  2. The sermon should reflect the Wesleyan doctrine of entire sanctification.
  3. The sermon should represent holiness without self-righteousness or guilting.
  4. You have to like the sermon.

That’s all!

Send us your sermons by including them in the comments link below.

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5 thoughts on “Request for Holiness Sermons

  1. This is a message by Dr. David Case, professor of theology at Ohio Christian University, from the Holiness Summit in 2009. It is really more of a lecture/Bible study format than pure sermon, but one of the best summaries I have heard on the matter of what remains in the heart after conversion and what God’s grace can do to meet that need.