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10 thoughts on “Lenny’s Resignation

  1. Lenny, you have done an amazing job lifting this site to a place of honor and usefulness in The Wesleyan Church and beyond. I represent many others in expressing deep gratitude for your outstanding service!

  2. Hey Lenny!

    Way to go in launching this site and maintaining some great content. I know Stevan was key in this–but you gave it some vision and recruiting of great minds to contribute–and one of my favorite parts of it was the dialogs between you and other preachers.

    You’ll be missed–but looking forward to the future of this site. I believe in it.

  3. Lenny,
    Thanks for your investment into my own preaching life! This was an incredible undertaking and I am honored to be a recipient of your giftedness. The Lord will build on what you have started.

  4. Lenny:

    I am sorry to see you go – over the past year or so, I have enjoyed corresponding with you though we have never met. Reading your book was also a real blessing.

    I trust that God will continue to use you as you work with young preachers as well as us older ones. Blessings as you move forward.


  5. Thanks for your hard work and helping to make this site available. It has been so good to hear the different styles and narrative happening in the global church.