What Makes You Grow?

There are a variety of things we can do to grow as a preacher. We can read deeply on preaching and widely on a range of topics. We can view our sermons and the sermons of others. We can solicit feedback from the congregation, a focus group, or a preaching coach. We can go to a workshop or conference on preaching. What has helped you grow most as a preacher? Please be specific. If a book has really helped you, share the title of the book. If listening to a particular preacher helps you preach better, drop the name. If something has helped you grow as a preacher, help us by sharing that growth idea.

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One thought on “What Makes You Grow?

  1. I regularly listen to preachers like Steve Deneff, i appreciate his focus on both content and delivery. I also listen to preachers like Tim Keller, Matt Chandler, and Steven Furtick.

    As for reading, i found the “Homiletical Plot” by Eugene Lowry helpful. I Also enjoy Eugene Peterson’s writing, while not about preaching in specific, i think much of his writing presents a well rounded view of the pastoral vocation that helps me focus my preaching and remember that as a pastor i minister in a specific context. Topically i try to read a balance of theology and devotional reading this hopefully helps bring depth theologically and spiritually to my preaching.

    I have also found reading poetry and novels as well as doing some creative writing of my own is helpful. I think that by focusing on a creative element it helps my preaching not seem too “wooden” or lecture-ish. I hope that my preaching reflects at least to some degree the creativity of the God whose word i am preaching.

    I frequently try to listen to my sermons after the fact to evaluate content, flow and delivery. I know i should probably video tape myself but I’m a little nervous to see what i look like as i preach!

    I suppose this is assumed but consistent time alone with God definitely shapes my preaching. I hope that my preaching flows out of an intimate and authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. When this is neglected i have forsaken the spring of living water and dug a broken cistern that has little to offer (Jeremiah 2:13).