Pressing topics that need to be addressed immediately

Question of the Week: One of the most memorable sermon series I have done was called the Hot Topics Series. We did this in July, which effectively added weight to the “hot” metaphor. I tend to preach textually not topically, so this was a bit of a stretch for me. A few months before I preached this series, the congregation completed a survey in which each person picked the top three topics they wanted to explore from a biblical perspective. So, we tackled what the Bible says about racism, war, divorce and remarriage, and homosexuality. I preached for 20-25 minutes, trying my best to bring the Gospel of Christ to bear on each issue. Then, the congregation engaged in some Q & A around the topics. What made this series so impactful was the intersection of these topics with the needs, concerns, and questions of the people in my preaching context.

So, here is the question: What are the most pressing topics that need to be addressed immediately through preaching for people in your ministry context?

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