Homiletic Influence

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Which book, other than the Bible, has most shaped your homiletic convictions and/or practices? And, in what specific ways has this book shaped your preaching?

Please respond by leaving a comment below and share your resources with the wesleyansermons.com family.

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3 thoughts on “Homiletic Influence

  1. “Biblical Preaching” -Haddon Robinson

    This approach has radically transformed how I preach and my effectiveness. The greatest help for me has been the notion that every sermon should have ONLY ONE “Big Idea” anchored in the text. It should be clear, concise, and 15 word or less. The sermon should seek to either explain it, prove it, or apply it. Anything that doesn’t move the sermon farther along to explain, prove, or apply the “Big Idea” must be saved for another day. (just because it’s a powerful truth, funny story, or amazing illustration, if it doesn’t drive toward the “Big Idea” it will only distract from the “Big Idea”)

  2. Two big ones for me:

    Communicating for a Change by Andy Stanley- I don’t use the methodology exactly, but gleaned TONS of wisdom on communicating better.

    Preaching with Freshness by Bruce Mahwinny. Readable, likable and I think its impact had perhaps as much to do with when I encountered it- it was among the first “preaching” books I read and so if left a mark.