Advent Creativity

One of the benefits of a website like is the sharing of creative ideas. So, go ahead and share the title of the Advent series you are doing, along with the sermon titles within the series. It would also be great if you can articulate a one or two sentence description of what you hope God will do through the series.

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5 thoughts on “Advent Creativity

  1. Series Title: The Women In Jesus’ Family Tree
    Sermon One: Tamar — One Righteous Prostitute
    Sermon Two: Rahab — A Prostitute Seeking God
    Sermon Three: Ruth — A Redeemed Widow
    Sermon Four: Bathsheba — Uriah’s Unfaithful Wife
    Sermon Five: Mary — God’s Faithful Servant

    Series goal: to show God’s people in my care the power of grace to transform and to use anyone to bring his kingdom to earth

    • Mark, thanks for sharing this with us. It’s sure to be a God-glorifying, life-transforming series. Are you going with sermon five on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? If it’s the latter, what are you preaching on Christmas Eve?

  2. I’m preaching sermon five on Christmas Day/Sunday. For as long as anyone can remember in this church, we’ve served communion to families on Christmas Eve.

    BTW, the deeper I dig into the lives of these women the more I thank God for his marvelous grace. He redeems and honors people I can identify with — people who’ve sinned. This is great news for all of us.

  3. Coordinating Advent Lighting Themes with Sermon Series:

    “Light of the World” — Christ’s Light Shining Through Us
    “Joy to the World” — Singing our New Song
    “Glory of the World” — Wearing Righteousness of Christ
    “Gift to the World” — God’s Gift to Us – Our Gifts to God

    Christ-centered worship plan to engage us in experiencing the message of Christmas.