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We thought you would want to know that after seven weeks of resourcing pastors, has an average of over 800 visits per week. Thank YOU for utilizing this resource and we want to know how we can make it better. If you’d like, take a moment now to leave a comment and give us your feedback right here. How has benefited you and how could it further benefit you in the future?

Lenny Luchetti and Stevan Sheets

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4 thoughts on “Site Statistics

  1. apparently, lots of listening, but no talking here, eh? Odd for a site geared at preachers! 😉

    I’ve appreciated the diversity of voices featured so far. I try to listen to a lot of messages/podcasts, etc. but often find my self gravitating towards my favorites. This site has kept me from just listening to people’s whose voice sounds most like my own, thereby stretching me to learn a bit more from those whose setting, style and approach might be quite different than mine. keep it up!

    One thing that might be helpful (though potentially a monster to handle/keep up) would be to take questions regarding each week’s message from those listening and have a follow up post w/ the speaker tackling a small sampling of those, similar to the pre-interview that Lenny is doing w/ the speaker.

    • Jeremiah, welcome to the conversation. I appreciate your comments and I agree that it’s odd that a site for preachers would be so quiet in terms of dialogue. There are plenty of visitors to the site but few that feel free to engage. So, preacher friends, join in!

      We have been very intentional, as you point out, to show the multiplicity of preaching voices within the Wesleyan movement in terms of age, gender, and ethnicity. We are looking for more of that as well. I do like your idea of questions for the featured preacher but I’m not sure we can convince those busy preachers to respond to the myriad of questions that might come their way.

      Thanks Jeremiah.


  2. I would like to see relevent resources for upcoming occasions, such as this Father’s Day. Most instructors warn their ministerial students that they will eventually run out of good material for these holidays.

    However, most parishoners have these occasions on their minds as they enter the sanctuary. I would like to see interesting stats, quotations and recommended websites that preachers/teachers could visit to stay fresh and current.

    I’m feeling good about this Father’s Day, but I would definitely check out insightful illustrative material that might increase interest and connect the passage to today’s context. This might add more utility to this site.

    May I also add that I am impressed with the overall concept so far. Who doesn’t want to improve their preaching?Thanks!

    • Thanks for your suggestions Al. My assumption is that most preachers have discovered some solid web resources to help them with creative touches on the sermon. Perhaps we can include a “Question of the Week” on our site that invites preachers to share the links to some of their favorite web resources…other than of course:-)